Nine Small Cat Breeds That Are Best to Own

As a cat enthusiast, you are aware of the many benefits that come with owning a cat. They are affectionate, low maintenance, and entertaining to watch especially if they begin to do play chase. And, if you are planning on getting a new kitten, we are excited to let you know that there are small cat breeds that you can choose to bring home with you.

These breeds of the cat will remain petite, pretty much like the size of a kitten, weighing between 5 and 10 pounds at adulthood. They vary in sizes, in appearance, coats, and colors. We will share with you useful information on each small cat breed to help you decide which is the perfect li’l cat for you.

Nine Smallest Cat Breeds That You Would Love to Own

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1. Munchkin Cat

Also referred to as a sausage cat, this small cat breed is a new kid on the block, so to speak. What makes this cat unique among all the small cat breeds are the short legs, resulting from a naturally occurring mutation of genes.

If you have not seen one, imagine the appearance of a Dachshund dog breed that has a long body and very short legs. That’s how a Munchkin cat looks like. Munchkin breeds may not be good at high jumping but they do run as fast as a marathoner.

It only weighs between 5 and 9 pounds and comes in 2 varieties – short and long-haired Munchkin cat breeds. The coat comes in various colors and patterns.

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Yes, it is small but it is big in energy and playfulness. Do you have kids at home? The munchkin is best to own because it does not mind being handled and enjoys the company of kids and other house pets.

Moreover, the munchkin is one of the smartest small cat breeds and it responds well to training.

Small cat breeds, Small cat, Smallest cat breed

2. Singapura Cat

Known as the smallest cat breed, weighing only between 4 and 7 pounds, the Singapura cat breed was once considered as Singapore Tourism Board’s National Mascot. Not only that but the Singaporeans also love this cat breed too much.

Nicknamed Pura, this small cat breed’s beauty is beyond words. It has big expressive eyes and big ears. Surprisingly, for its petite size, the Singapura cat breed has a muscular physique with athletic abilities that can give its larger cousins a run for their money.

This is one of the small cat breeds that are best to own because it has a ‘devilish’ but in a good way personality, it is intelligent, and it is full of energy and curiosity.

3. Cornish Rex Cat

Even if it seems like sporting a ‘bad hair day’ all the time, this small cat breed is a real darling. It is gaining solid ‘followers’ due to its striking looks, pleasant, and active personality.

It has soft, tightly curled, short hair that makes the coat looks like cornrows.

Other distinguishing features are the egg-shaped head, big eyes, large ears, and unusually long legs and tail. Cornish Rex, being one of the small cat breeds weighs light, between 6 and 10 pounds.

Personality-wise, if you want a feline pet that is intelligent and always on the go, then you would fall in love with this small cat breed. It enjoys getting the attention of its human family to the point that it demands to be part of your daily activities.

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A sense of humor is what this cat offers. If climbing the highest point in the house will focus attention on him, he will do it. It will steal food to make people laugh, it can learn how to play fetch like a dog, and learn just about anything you teach. In short, this is a highly intelligent small cat breed that loves clowning around until adulthood.

4. Devon Rex Cat

Don’t get intimated by those large eyes because this small cat breed is very charming despite its ‘alien’ looking physical characteristics.

Also referred to as the Pixie of the cat world, one of the small cat breeds that have an elfin like appearance-short and wavy coat, high cheekbones, and very large eyes and ears. It may weigh between 8 and 10 pounds.

Do not expect it to sit quietly all day long as this small cat breed is a real extrovert. It adores doing ‘devilish’ acts around the house like playing with the curtains, climbing walls, to name a few. And, since it appreciates being tagged along, it can be taught how to walk on a harness.

Choose a Devon Rex if you do not mind the company of a little mischievous and bubbly cat.

5. American Curl Cat

Although this may not be the smallest cat breed, it belongs to the category of small cat breeds weighing at 11 pounds or less.

Having a very charming face, what sets this cat apart is the backward ear curls. At birth, the ears are just like ordinary kitten ears but come the age of 10 days or more, those ears begin to curl back. Extra care should be given to the ears as the cartilage are susceptible to damage.

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This is one of the perfect small cat breeds that bonds well with kids, which is quite unusual for cats.  It is affectionate in the right way, not too clingy. Like other cats, it is not uncommon to see it perches in high areas, that is if it is not lounging and relaxing on your lap for some quiet time.

Choose the American Curl if there is always someone present at home as this small cat breed does not like being left alone for too long.

6. Sphynx Cat

An alien-looking cat that will capture your heart. It has a bald and wrinkly appearance, but you will love this cat by its warmth, exceptional friendliness, and humor.

The Sphynx is small to a medium-sized cat that weighs between 6 and 12 pounds. Though it may look like completely bald,  if you will closely inspect its muscular body, you will see very fine and short hair that gives its skin the feel of suede when touched.

Due to its very short hair, it is prone to catch skin irritations. If you choose Sphinx, bathe it often and always provide it with something soft to wear so it won’t feel cold.

7. Abyssinian Cat

Nicknamed Aby, this is one of the small cat breeds that is full of surprises. It can be silly but affectionate at the same time. We warn you though, if you are not the type who prefers a small cat that actively plays and investigates around, this cat may be too much for you to handle.

Aby is high-spirited, it does not particularly like being cuddled or picked-up because it may feel restrained. Aby is simply not your typical lap cat. It constantly moves around, climbing every nook and corner, always curious about its surroundings, and never seems to stop from moving.

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Abys do well with companions, preferably of the same breed to match their active nature. If left alone, these small cat breeds can turn the house upside down in search of something to do.

Despite their active and extroverted nature, Abyssinians are known to be people-oriented. They tend to get depressed if their human families are not around for a long time.

Abyssinians belong to the family of small cat breeds.  They are characterized by their long and muscular built and can weigh from 6 to 10 pounds. It is known for its ticked coat that comes in various colors of cinnamon, reddish ruddy, blue, lilac, and chocolate.

8. Napoleon Cat

Also known by the name of Minuet, this dwarf cat breed is named after Napoleon Bonaparte because of its small stature.

Dwarfism is a condition caused by a gene mutation. In cats, the ‘founding breed’ with dwarfism is the Munchkin.

By breeding the Munchkins with other small and regular proportioned cats like the Persians, the dwarf breeds have been developed.

In the case of Napoleon, it is a cross between a Munchkin and a Persian cat.

The same as the Munchkin, it closely resembles a Dachshund dog breed, elongated body with short legs. You’ll fall for its sweet and beautiful round face with expressive big, round eyes, and small to medium-sized ears.

someone who is looking for a very sweet, docile, cuddly, and friendly feline pet could consider owning one. It thrives well with human companions, both adults, and children. The only problem is that it does not want to be left alone. Thus, getting another pet is the way to go if you plan on bringing home Napoleon.

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9. Dwelf Cat

Searching for an ‘ugly’ cat? Then, this is the cat you’ve been dreaming of. A fairly new designer cat breed that falls under the category of dwarf cats. It is a result of combining 3 small cat breeds, namely the Munchkin, the American Curl, and the Sphynx.

Apart from being hairless, this cat’s physical appearance is unusual. The skin is wrinkly, the eyes are round and big, the ears are curled, and the legs are short. Also, the eyebrows and the whiskers are unusually short or even absent in some cats. The Dwelf is one of the smallest cat breeds weighing up to 4 pounds.

Yes, it may look creepy but the Dwelf cat breed is an awesome companion. It is sociable, playful, and interactive, pretty much like a dog. Dwelf cats love being around its human family and cuddling, as a result, tends to suffer from separation anxiety.

It is best for someone who has other pets to own so it won’t feel left behind if the owner is out for work.


Whether you just want to know more about the small cat breeds or you intend to own one, the diversity in the cat world is amazing. As you’ve seen, there are many choices when it comes to choosing the perfect li’l cat for you.

Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that small does not mean less. The amount of love, attention, and care is the same, from medium to big-sized cats down to the small cat breeds.

These are 9 small cat breeds that can be considered as your first pets.

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