Seal Point Siamese – The Best Cat Breed to Own?

Not sure what cat breed to buy? Why don’t you listen to us and hopefully we can convince you to buy or maybe adopt one of the best cat breeds which is the Seal Point Siamese cat. In this article, we will talk about its personality so you can decide if it is the perfect pet for you. We will also touch on the right care and other stuff that will make you fall in love with this elegant cat breed.

Seal Point Siamese

What Does Seal Point Mean?

It does sound intimidating and intriguing, but when you say seal point, it refers to the coat color of the cat.

So, when you hear the term Seal Point cat, it does not only refer to Siamese cats but to other cat breeds as well. Examples are Himalayan and Napoleon cat breeds. The common denominator among them is that they have whitish to fawn coat colors with darker shades on their extremities and other parts of the body, pretty much like a seal.

Genes have something to do with the pointed pattern of the coats. The variant form of a gene called alleles is a type of temperature-sensitive genes that are linked to albinism.

In the case of the Seal Point Siamese cat breed, they are characterized by their dark brown points on the face, ears, nose, tail, and extremities including the paws. These areas usually have cooler body temperatures.

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The Seal Point Siamese also has dark brown points both on the nose and paw pads. The eye color is deep blue.

On the other hand, the body coat (neck, chest, and belly areas) is lighter in shade.

What Is the Difference Between Blue Point and Seal Point Siamese Cat?

A Siamese cat has four (4) coat/color patterns, namely, the seal point, the blue point, the chocolate point, and the lilac point.

The Blue Point Siamese cat is a cousin of the seal point being the lighter version of the two.

As the name suggests, a Blue Point Siamese cat has grayish to bluish point colorings/markings on the face, ears, extremities, nose, and tails. Both the nose leather pad and paws pads are also bluish. The coat on its body is cream to bluish.

The Differences Between the Seal Point Siamese Cat and the Chocolate Point

Both are known for their brown markings but the chocolates have lighter, almost ivory color on the body. The Chocolate Siamese cat has chocolate points on the ears, nose, tails, and paws. Both the nose and leather pads are pinkish.

What About the Lilac Point Siamese?

The lilac is the lighter version of the blues and the chocolates. So, if you see a Siamese cat that is covered with a creamy white coat with lilac or pinkish points and with a set of China blue eyes to match, that is definitely a Lilac Point Siamese. It has a pinkish nose and paw pads that make it look so dainty.

Seal Point Siamese

Physical Characteristics

  • How much does it weigh?

The male is heavier, weighing between 4 and 6 kilograms while the female from 2.5 to 4.5 kilograms.

  • How tall can it get?

If you get a male, it can grow up to 31 cm while the female could grow from 27 to 31 cm.

  • Eye color:

Both sexes have a set of electric blue eye

  • Life expectancy:

8 to 15 years

  • The shedding issue:

Fortunately, due to its short hair, you do not need to groom it daily because it does not shed much.

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The Personality

The most important thing you have to consider about this cat breed is its noise level. Yup, this little fellow is talkative and will not hold back its opinions on just about anything. It will tell you exactly how it feels and what it wants from you in a raspy and loud voice. And, you’d better listen if you do not want any ‘trouble’…

That said, the seal point Siamese is a curious and smart cat, almost close to being demanding. So, if you want this cat solely for its elegant appearance, you’d better think again. This fellow loves its owners too much to the point that it demands being part of everything that they do. If its human family is not around, it will entertain itself by doing all those crazy but lovable things like turning on the faucet or search for new hiding places.

Siamese Cats Score High on the Issue of Separation Anxiety

The Seal Point Siamese cat is a loving and people-oriented cat breed, but it tends to be very clingy. It may even act like a dog, following you around the house all day. And, because of this nature, it is no surprise that it suffers from separation anxiety.

If it is left alone for a long time, it tends to suffer from anxiety and depression. That said, to keep your cat out of trouble, you can keep it entertained by leaving it with some puzzle toys to work on. We also highly recommend that you get another Siamese cat or other animals as a companion while you are out of the house.

Do Siamese Cats Love Kids?

Since this is a good-natured cat breed, yes, it is safe in the company of children and even other pets like dogs.

Do Siamese Cats Love to Cuddle?

Yes, the seal point Siamese cat wouldn’t mind spending cuddle time with you. This cat breed scores high on the affection level, in fact, the Siamese belongs to a few cat breeds that love human companionship.

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It is so easy to teach your Siamese cat how to snuggle and cuddle with you. Just point your index finger towards its nose and you will see it come and spend a lovely time with you.

Other Ways Seal Point Siamese Cats Show Affection

  • Slow Blinking

If you see your cat stares at you with half eye closed and blinking, it is its way of letting you know how much it wants to see you all the time. Those slow blinking eye movements resemble ‘cat kisses’ in the cat world.

  • Purring

By now, you already know that the Siamese cat is a real politician, thus, if you hear it talk to you all the time, it is a sure sign of complete trust and fondness of you.

  • Cheek Rubbing

If your cat rubs it cheeks on you, do not shoo it away, lest, it will feel offended by your unreciprocated love. Did you know that scent glands can be found on your cat’s cheeks? Rubbing its cheeks is your cat’s way of sharing its scent with you so you can be a part of its ‘inner circle’, so to speak.

What You Need to Know About the Health of A Seal Point Siamese Cat

A lot of health problems are due to genes, meaning these are related to the breed of your cat. It does not mean though that your cat will get it, but the chances are high. But, with proper care and a regular visit to the Vet, you’d be able to manage these illnesses, and hopefully, your seal point Siamese cat will reach its max lifespan.

  • Obesity

We cannot emphasize how important it is to feed your cat with the right amount of food based on its age and activity level. Too much weight can predispose your cat to illness like diabetes and arthritis.

We know that you want to splurge your Seal Point Siamese with food and treats but did you know that obesity can shorten its lifespan by two (2) years?

What we recommend is the free-feeding method since your cat eats in small proportions throughout the day, roughly ten (10) to fifteen (15) times. Plus, physical activity is the best way to keep your pet in its ideal shape.

  • Dental Disease

This is a common issue among pets that do not receive regular oral care such as brushing teeth. It begins with a simple residue of food that eventually hardens and develops into tartar. The buildup of tartar leads to tooth and gum disease.

  • Amyloidosis

An amyloid is a protein compound that may cause a health problem if these are deposited inside the tissues and organs of your cat.

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The other health issues are cancer, heart disease, asthma, among others.

The Right Care for a Seal Point Siamese Cat

Your pet completely depends on you, so do your best to give the ultimate care possible. Here are our tips:

  • Your seal point cat has short hair, you can brush it at least once a week for a healthy shiny coat.
  • Supervise your cat as if it is a small child. Keep your doors closed, block off some rooms, if needed. This is done to keep your cat away from troubles like jumping on inappropriate surfaces and eating kinds of stuff that are not good for him/her.
  • To prevent dental disease, brush the teeth of your seal point Siamese cat at least twice a week.
  • Check the ears for wax buildup and signs of ear infections.
  • Your cat requires a daily session of interactive play to stimulate its natural desire for hunting and exploration. Good examples are wand toys and laser pointer toys. If you do not keep it mentally active, your cat may develop some behavioral issues.
  • Cats are neat-freak, so always make it a point to clean its litter box daily. If you have more than one cat, they would prefer not to have a shared litter box.
  • Only give a high-quality cat food that is appropriate for its age and level of activity.
  • Access to fresh water 24/7.
  • Let it exercise to stay healthy. The seal point Siamese cat is an agile and athletic cat that loves physical activities. You’d be surprised to learn that this cat breed can be taught how to walk on a leash, pretty much like a dog. That said, you can tag her/him along for a walk in the neighborhood for its much needed daily exercise.
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Warning Signs of a Sick Siamese Cat:

  • Change in appetite and water intake
  • Bad breath, broken teeth, and red gums
  • Incessant chewing/licking of fur and hair loss on some areas of the body
  • Always sleeping
  • Coughing/wheezing
  • Change in behavior like it becomes aggressive
  • Cloudy eyes, ear discharge, and discolored urine

How Much Does a Seal Point Siamese Cat Cost?

Prices vary depending on where you will get your cat. If it is from a reputable breeder, you would have to shell-out between $400.00 and $1000.00, depending on the championship status of the parents. Adult Siamese is also more expensive than kittens depending on issues like point markings.

Don’t despair because even if you are on a budget, you can get a seal point Siamese from rescue and animal shelters, they are much cheaper but with the same sweet and people-oriented temperament.

The Regular Cost of Owning a Siamese Cat

Here is an approximation of the annual expenses of owning this extraordinary cat breed:

  • Cat insurance: $350.00
  • Immunizations and Vet check-ups: $150.00
  • Deworming and flea and tick meds: $75.00
  • Food: $1000.00
  • Litter box: $25.00
  • Litter: $100.00

Total: $1,700.00 per year is the estimated cost of caring for a seal point Siamese cat.

Is The Seal Point Siamese the Right Choice for You?

If what you are looking for is a cat that will stalk you around the house and is not afraid to voice out its opinions, then this is the best cat breed to own. As a bonus, it loves being around people – both young and adult which makes it an ideal family pet. Just don’t leave it alone for an extended time because it cannot tolerate being away from its loved ones. The best to do is to consider getting a pair of Seal Point Siamese cats so they can keep each other happy while you are away.

The Seal Point Siamese cat is adorable and smart, it's an affectionate pet for sure.

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