The Best Small Pets for Apartments & Small Pet Carrier Tips

Pet lovers have different reasons why they prefer small pets over big pet dogs like a Golden Retriever. If you are one of them, perhaps your reason is to teach your young kids how to care for animals. Or, it could be because you live in a limited space like an apartment.

Whatever the reason is, we will help you make a wise decision when choosing the best small pets for you. In this article, we’re likely to show to you what the very best small family pets for apartments are so you can obtain a snuggly friend you should have.

small pets for apartments

How to Choose Small Pets for Apartments?

Apartment or condo living definitely has its benefits, such as not needing to handle the yard yet the disadvantage for family pet fans is that specific pet is huge, energetic, noisy, and inappropriate for a small living environment.

Before choosing the best small pets that you will get, it is important that you know exactly what you want and what you do not want. This is to prevent the perennial issue of pet abandonment mainly because the owner is ill-prepared regarding the amount of care, and of course, not to forget the cost of owning small pets. So, here are some guidelines in choosing the types of small pets that match your lifestyle:

1. Time

Not because they are small doesn’t mean that you will also devote little time to them. All pets, regardless of size, need you in order for them to be happy and contented members of the family.

If you haven’t decided to get either a kitten or a puppy, allow us to help you make a choice. Kittens or cats demand less of your attention. They are independent in their ways and you can keep them pretty much by themselves.

On the other hand, puppies or dogs are attention-seekers. Leave them alone for a few, they will begin to whine like a baby. Dogs are known for the issue of separation anxiety and boredom. This is the reason why most of them do annoying things such as chewing on shoes and furniture.

2. Cost

Aside from food, some small pets may require additional supplies like vitamins, treats for training, crates, among others. Regular trips to the Veterinary Doctor is also part of caring for them.

Both cats and dogs need annual core vaccines. Deworming is also done every quarter. And, if you are wondering which between the two pets would require you to shell out more money, the answer is dogs. Why? This is because cat food is relatively cheaper.

Additionally, dogs, depending on the breed, may require regular professional grooming. Dog toys are also more expensive than those of the cats.

Other types of small pets like hamsters and rabbits are not as expensive to take care of.

3. Affection Level

Dogs are clearly the winner in the affection level department. They love to be cuddled and to be part of your daily activities.

On the other hand, cats are by nature, solitary animals and do not long for human companionship.

Hamsters, though not as sweet as dogs, they show affection to one or more people in the family.

4. Other Members of the Family

Unless you live on your own, another factor you need to look into when choosing the types of small pets is the people you live with. Is there anyone who is allergic to dogs that shed a lot? Are there small kids who do not know how to handle not-so-kid-friendly dogs such as Chihuahua?

In short, choosing the best small pets requires time, careful thinking, and planning. In this way, you make yourself, the people you live with, and your chosen small pet delighted to live with.

Types of Small Pets That Can Thrive Well in Apartment Living

We have listed below the types of best small pets for apartments that you can take home with you. These pets do not require much space to move around. Some of them are good with kids while some would require you to take extra precaution when introducing the small pets for apartments to boisterous young children.

Types of Small Pets That Can Thrive Well In Apartment Living

1. Dogs

There are plenty of small-breed dog breeds that are ideal for apartment living. Depending on your lifestyle, you may opt for a couch-potato type of a dog that only wants to be cuddled and loved by the owners. A bulldog is a great example of a lazy dog that is good for someone who dwells in an apartment.

But if you have an outgoing and adventurous nature, you may want to get a small dog that can go with you in your outdoor activities. A good example is a Boston Terrier and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Do you have allergies but still want to own a small dog? Then, we highly recommend a Maltese or a Bichon Frisé.

Types of Small Pets That Can Thrive Well In Apartment Living

2. Cats

One of the perfect small pets for apartment living. Most cats are not fond of physical activities and would rather stay indoors and can be left alone for long hours. What’s good about cats is that they actually prefer to stay in an enclosed area and have fun in vertical spaces instead of wide spaces.

Types of Small Pets That Can Thrive Well In Apartment Living

3. Rabbits

The cute and cuddly rabbits can be trained to live comfortably in a litter box. They love to stay in their litter boxes which you can place in one corner of your apartment. The only important thing is for the litter box to be spacious enough for their daily supply of hay and fresh grass.

Types of Small Pets That Can Thrive Well In Apartment Living

4. Rodents

If you want low-maintenance types of small pets that are kid-friendly, you will never go wrong with rodents. Examples are hamsters and guinea pigs. They are cuddly and would not mind if handled and cuddled.

Once you have made a choice of which small pets for apartments that you would love to have, there are some things that they need to have in order to be comfortable. In the next segment of this article, we will help you choose which small pet carrier is excellent based on small pet lovers’ reviews.

How to Choose the Best Pet Carrier?

Choosing the best pet carrier may be puzzling, considering the choices that are available for you. What is important is to look for a carrier that is comfortable for your pet.

1. Get the Correct Size

This is a very important consideration when choosing a carrier. Ideally, your pet should be able to stand, do some stretching without having to crouch, and to turn around with ease. The idea is to make your pet nice and comfy even during long trips.

2. The Safety Issue

Take time to check the support structure of the pet carrier. No matter how fancy-looking a carrier is but if it fails to give a stable interior, then it can jeopardize the safety of your pet. The closure fasteners must be very secure so there is no chance for your pet to runaway accidentally.

See to it that the roof is stable and not collapsing. Is the carrier balanced and steady? Check also if there is a security mechanism that can keep your pet under control when the need arises.

Plus, make sure that the pet carrier of your choice has passed the third-party crash tests.

3. Choosing the Type of Pet Carrier

There are two types of pet carriers – the soft and hard carriers.

The soft carriers are like the gym bags made with soft nylon fabric and constructed with hard bottom material for stability. For pets ventilation, these types of the carrier have mesh-like ventilation and zipper openings on the top and the sides.

These are perfect for short trips like going around the town and are ideal for small to medium-sized pets.

On the other hand, the hard carriers are made from a durable polypropylene material that is impact resistant. If you are going on a longer trip via air, land, or water, this is the type that you should be using for your pet.


The best thing to do is to purchase a pet carrier that is safe and correctly sized so you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors without any glitches.

Before selecting the best small pets for apartments, a pet lover should do research, especially choosing the first pet.

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