The Best Small Pets for Cuddling – Teaching a Pet to Cuddle

With no effort at all, pets give so much joy into your life. They make you laugh, they are fun companions, and they also comfort you when you are feeling low. The simple act of cuddling pets makes the day sunny and gleeful.

Living in a busy world may attract you to have a small pet in the house who’d jump for joy every time you come home from work. The one that would love to snuggle on the couch with you while you watch your fave show on Netflix.

Let us help you find that affectionate small pet you are looking for:

best small pets for cuddling.

1. Toy Dogs

Obviously, you cannot have a list of small pets that love cuddling time without dogs! A lot of toy breed dogs are very affectionate and consider their human companions as their fur parents.

However, the cuddling factor differs from each breed. We will share with you some dog breeds that do not mind being cuddled by humans-be it adults, kids, elderlies, and those people with special needs.

These are some of the small/toy dog breeds that are bred for companionship and score high in the affection department:

  • Shitzu
  • Maltese
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Maltichon

best small pets for cuddling.

2. Cats

Though this pet is known for its aloof behavior, you’d be surprised that cats love being cuddled, too! Cats are moody fellows, there are days when they would rather be left alone but there are days when they want to be sweetie with their owners.

There are cat breeds that are affectionate and more cuddly than the others. They’d make you feel loved like snoozing in your lap and do not mind being petted.

Good examples are Siamese, Ragdoll, Persian, Birman, Dwelf, Bambinos, and Munchkins.

3. Rabbits

Are you familiar with the term bunny rabbit? It is synonymous with fluffy, cute, and bouncy small creatures. Actually, those are just some of the adjectives that best describe a pet rabbit.

Just like dogs, rabbits can also be as cuddly and affectionate. They have different personalities-from shy type to playful and outgoing cute little animals. In fact, if you choose to have this as your cuddly small pet, it is likely that it can form a loving bond with you.

But, not all rabbit breeds are affectionate. Those that love human companionship are Lionhead, English Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Himalayan, and Rex.

4. Guinea Pig

Pet owners who have not tried caring for these pets may find it unbelievable, but yes, guinea pigs are friendly and affectionate little animals that recognize their owners.

Many of them squeal with happiness every time they see their owners. They also climb up the cage to greet with a loving welcome. In fact, they’d be disappointed if they do not get daily cuddle time with you.

They also love to sit quietly on your lap and if you hear those adorable whistling noises, do not be bothered because it is a love signal from this cute small pet.

Teaching Your Small Pets to Cuddle

No matter how cute looking a pet is, make sure that you teach it how to be comfy while being cuddled to avoid unwanted reactions. Here are some guides on how you can make your pet allow you to cuddle it:

1. For Toy Dogs

As soon as you bring home your pup, pick it up as often as you can except during sleeping and feeding time. While carrying, you can pat its back or tickle the ears and the belly. As soon as your puppy associate lifting with something nice, it will adore being cuddled by you.

2. For Cats

The first thing is to encourage your cat to sit on your lap. It is best if you turn-off your gadgets to avoid distractions. Do not force the issue though, let your cat come to you and if it wants to leave, allow it.

Give reward treats and nice gestures like belly rubbing to encourage your cat to come to you all the time. By doing this oftentimes, your cat will soon love the idea of cuddle time.

3. For Rabbits

Holding your rabbit the right way is the first step to do. If not done correctly, you may not know it but you may be unintentionally hurting your pet.

It is best to start carrying it while it is young to get accustomed to it. Pick it up from the ground and not from a table. Place one hand under the chest with your fingers under the rabbit’s armpit. Place your other hand on its behind and lift it carefully.

While you cuddle your rabbit, you can cover its eyes so it will be in a more relaxed state. You can allow it to hide its face in between your armpit and your folded arm.

Rabbits enjoy being petted on the back and on the forehead, behind the ears and on their tails so give lots of stroking while cuddling.

4. For Guinea Pigs

For as long as you let your guinea pig feels safe and loved, it will reciprocate its love for you by letting you cuddle it.

Allow it to settle in its new surroundings for a few days before you start handling it. It helps if you give treats, in fact, lots of it. Be careful when holding it because guinea pigs are afraid of heights. The correct way is to hold it from its behind and hold them close to your body.

Carrying it correctly is the key for your guinea pig to love being cuddled.


Pets have calming effects on humans, especially those small pets that allow pet owners like you to cuddle them with love. But the idea is to go slow and do not force the issue right away.

The best thing that you can do is to allow your small pet to get accustomed to being held as young as possible. And keep in mind to carry your pet the right way to avoid hurting it.

Check this pet guide to find out which small animals are best as adorable pets to cuddle.

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