The Black Maine Coon – 10 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know

Cats come in different forms and sizes, from hairless to fluffy cats, from small to large-breed cats. But there’s one breed of cat that stands among the rest and that is the Black Maine Coon.

what makes this cat breed so special that it was even given a support role in a blockbuster Harry Potter movie? Remember Mrs. Norris? She was the cat owned by Argus Filch who played the role of a caretaker at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her real name was Pebbles, a spayed momma cat that was discovered in Southwest England’s cattery.

So, why did the Harry Potter production team chose a Maine Coon? This is because of the cat’s innate intelligence and quick response to learning. We will be sharing with you some fascinating information, focusing our story more on the Black Maine Coon cats.

black maine coon

Bet, You Don’t Know These 10 Interesting Things About The Black Maine Coon

1. Let’s Talk Size

This breed of cat is like no ordinary because of its humongous size. Among all cat breeds, this is the largest with the males weighing from 13 to 18 pounds while the females from 8 to 12 pounds.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Black Maine Coon size is the length of their bodies which can measure up to 38 inches in length. Thus, you can expect your cat to grow into an imposing long black coon! So, provide enough space for your feline pet’s sleeping area.

But, what you may not know is that this feline breed grows rather slow, reaching its full size between three and four years old, unlike other cat breeds that reach their full size at the age of two years.

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Apart from the long span body length, this cat is also popular for its rectangular body, meaning, it exudes tougher and muscular look than the other cat breeds.

But, don’t be fooled, because behind this massive and masculine built is a soft giant waiting to be loved and cared for.

2. Let’s Talk Color

Black as night, that is how to describe a solid Black Maine Coon. Unless you let it wear a reflective collar, otherwise you could lose sight of your gorgeous feline pet in the middle of the night.

But, you might not know it but a Black Maine Coon is not only solid black. The black coat comes in attractive variations as we will describe below:

  • Solid Black

You won’t find any strand of coat that is not solid black. But what varies is the coat length. Some of them have medium-length while some have longer solid black coats. In the same way that some have glossy coat appearance while the others are more on the matt side.

  • Black Smoke Maine Coon

Unless you inspect the coat closely, you will not notice that they have a lighter shade of undercoat. The black smoke cats have a white undercoat and black overcoat.

If you happen to own one, you’d notice that when your cat is sitting pretty, the color of its coat is solid black. But, if it starts to move, the white undercoat becomes visible. They also sport a black mask with a narrow band of white coats.

  • Bi-Colored Black Maine Coon

This comes in three variations namely the black and white, tuxedo, and black silver.

The black and white have very visible white markings all over its coat.

The tuxedo black Maine cat has white markings on the bib area, paws, and the belly as if it is all dressed up for a black-tie party.

The rare among the three variations of the bi-colored Black Maine coon is the black silver. Rare because the color is not yet accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), thus, there are only a few breeders who breed the Black Maine cats with this type of color variation.

  • Black Tabby Maine Coon

This one also comes in three color variations: the black-tabby, the black silver classic tabby, and the black tortoise or tortie for short.

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3. How’s the Weather?

Bet, you didn’t know that the Black Maine Coon cat is all dressed up for the winter weather. It does not need those fancy fur coats as it already has one!

The Maine coons are designed to survive the harsh winter condition because they have large and tufted paws that serve as winter boots. Also, they make use of their bushy raccoon-like tails as a blanket by wrapping their tails around their bodies.

Last but not least is the water-repellent coat that is thicker on the ruff, flanks, and stomachs to keep them warm during winter. So, don’t be afraid to enjoy and create those snow angels with your Black Maine Coon cat on a cold and chilly winter day.

4. How Long Do They Live?

They are known as healthy cats but it does not mean they are exempted from health problems. A few examples are hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, and obesity.

The average lifespan of Maine Coons, the Blacks including is 12.5 years. Some live longer, 15 years, and more.

The lifespan of any animals depends on factors like genetics and proper care.

5. Let’s Swim

Being a cat person, you know that this pet is not entirely fond of water. However, such is not the case with a Black Maine Coon cat. Yes, this cat breed loves to swim and can give you a run for your money when it comes to its swimming skills.

The water-repellent quality of their coats is what allows them to enjoy the water. If you are fond of water sport activities, don’t forget to tag along with your Black Maine Coon cat.

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black maine coon

6. Let’s Do Some Math

Let us begin counting those toes. Bet, you didn’t know that it is common among Black Maine Coon cats to have an extra toe on each paw. Roughly 40% of Coons have this kind of genetic condition.

This is referred to as Polydactylism, a genetic mutation that allows the Coons to adjust to harsh weather conditions. Some say that the extra toes allow the Coons to use those paws to deal with the snowy conditions at Maine.

The problem is that some Coons are not deemed fit to partake in cat shows because those extra toes are simply not acceptable. It is a sad truth but there’s nothing that can be done about it unless some cat aficionados lobby for ‘equality’ regardless of those extras.

7. Let’s Hear That Meow

Did you know that Black Maine Coon cats do not meow as much? Instead, they have a different love language, more like chirping and trilling (a mix of meow and purr) which they do oftentimes. In short, these cats are ‘talkers’!

Why are they so vocal? By nature, they are happy fellows who love to follow their owners around, pretty much like a dog. They trill because that is their way of vocalizing how happy they are around their owners.

Not only that, the Black Maine Coon cats chirp and trill if they are hungry, if their space is invaded, or as a way to welcome new friends (both animals and humans) in the house.

In short, expect your Coon to talk incessantly all day long.

8. Let’s Talk About Food

Bet you didn’t know that Black Maine Coon cats use their paws when eating. You may find that funny or a bit odd, but it is not uncommon to see Coons scoop up their food using their paws. Plus, they have this cute habit of spreading their food around the food bowl before eating.

8. Let’s Talk Animal Kindness

We can learn one thing from Black Maine Coon cats, that is how to be gentle and stay calm.

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Not only are they massive in size but they are also massive in kindness to humans and other pets. There simply is no aggressive bone that you can find among the Coons.

Playful and boisterous kids, scary vet exams, new pets, name it. The spirit of your Black Maine Coon cat won’t be dampened by any circumstances. They are simply gentle and accepting of what life has to offer to them.  Maine Coon cats are ‘dogs’ in the cat world because they are playful and sociable giants that love being around their human families.

10. Let’s Heal the World

Patients who are going through body discomforts like arthritis and wrist injures can find solace in the healing paws of the Black Maine Coon cats.

The International Cat Association (TICA) acknowledges the help that these cats do to patients. Stroking a friendly cat has therapeutic effects not only on the psyche but it is a good way to encourage patients to exercise their hands through stroking.

A famous black silver Maine Coon is RW SGC Sarajen OliverUnderfoot of Maggismaines has been awarded an honor as a loving cat therapist by the TICA. The cat’s work with patients involves visits to the nursing homes where he helped the elderly patients exercise and strengthen their hands by stroking his coat.

So, there you go, those are the 10 beautiful facts and things about this cat breed that you may not know. And, after becoming aware of all those, don’t you think it’s about time that we stop from linking black cats with negative superstitions? For all you know, that Black Maine Coon cat you are intending on buying may just be your lucky charm.

Can a Black Maine Coon Cat Change Color?

Yes, but we bet you didn’t know that before. A black cat may lose its color and fade into rusty brown color. Here’s why:

  • Tyrosine Deficiency

A genetic component is required for a cat to be truly black which is called the black gene. Aside from that, a black cat needs a special kind of diet, the one that is rich in Tyrosine amino acid. Tyrosine is the one that manufactures eumelanin, the pigment that makes the black fur. If your Black Maine Coon lacks tyrosine, its coat will discolor and fade into rusty, orangey color.

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To augment the deficiency, a diet that is rich in taurine helps. You may also want to choose a cat food that is high on meat content.

  • Copper Deficiency

Deficiency in copper leads to the depigmentation of black cats. This is because copper is needed by the amino acid tyrosine for pigmentation.

  • Health Problems

It is also possible for Black Maine Coon cats to lose its black color as a result of liver or kidney disease, and thyroid problems.

  • Sun Exposure

Some who claim that too much sunbathing can fade the black to brown coat color. Though there’s not enough evidence to substantiate this theory.

How Much Is a Black Maine Coon Cat?

A magnificent cat fetches a steep price, it could be anywhere between $800.00 and $2,000.00. But, don’t fret because you may be lucky if you find a Black Maine Coon in your local shelter that you may get for $100.00 or a bit more.

Not to mention that it can be costly to keep pets. Expenses like Vet visits, food, vitamin supplements, to name a few should be considered. Just make sure that you have extras to keep up with the needs of your Black Maine Coon cat because its life matters.


Black is beautiful and it is cool to own a gentle giant cat breed like the Black Maine Coon. This cat breed is friendly and can be a great pal to everyone (both humans and other pets).

When choosing black Maine kittens for sale, there are black variations that you can select, from solid black to the ones with white or silver colorings. Whatever your choice is, we are sure that your new black cat will be your sweet lucky charm.

There are a lot of things that people might not know about about black maine coon cats. Find out those cat facts here.

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