The Top Canary Cage Tips – Choosing a Canary Cage Easily

A happy bird equates beautiful melodies. The best way that you make your canary happy is by providing it with the right size of cage, lest it will feel restricted and unhappy.

Unlike other bird species, canaries would rather stay inside their cages rather than being taken out of the cage. This is why you must select the right housing for your canary bird.

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How to Choose the Perfect Cage for Your Canary?

1. Size

Purchase a big cage. Your canary bird flies horizontally, thus, the width is more vital than the height of the cage. The recommended size of a canary cage is 16” tall and 30” wide. But, if you can find a larger one, then the happier your bird would be.

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Wild canaries in the wild live in pairs and as much as possible, the same should be done when they are in captivity.

2. Quality

Purchase a good quality cage. A sturdy cage may be more pricy but your canary will thank you for it. We recommend that you get a cage made from stainless steel as this material is not easily destructible.

Get a cage that has a perch, a few toys, and shallow containers for your bird’s food and water as well as a bathing water.

To make your life easier, it helps if the cage comes with trays that you can easily move out for cleaning.

3. Style

Your canary bird does not need a cage with an elaborate design. However, it is for your bird’s wellness if you will stay away from rounded styles of cages. Why? Because flying in a rounded cage is more difficult compared if the cage is rectangular.

4. Bar Spaces

Bar spacing is one of the things that you need to look for when choosing a canary cage. Since it is a small-sized bird, the recommended bar spacing for a canary bird is 1/2 inch.

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If the bar spacing is more than the recommended, there is a chance for your bird’s head to get stocked in between bars.

5. Cage Perches

You cannot discount the importance of perches in your canary’s life. These are used for standing, for playing, for cleaning beaks and for its entertainment. When it comes to the right material for perches, we suggest that you choose wood over plastic material.

It is also a good idea to provide your canary with perches of different sizes for variety.

6. Cage Doors

There are some functions that you should consider relative to cage doors or openings:

  • Does the cage door allow for easy bird access while at the same time, preventing your canary from escaping?
  • How many cage doors does the cage have?
  • Are the food and water bowls accessible from the outside (feeder doors)?

Since canaries are small birds, one of the things to look for in a cage that has two doors to allow easy access to your bird.  It is either you access the bird in the top or from the bottom of the cage. In this way, there is less chance of your canary escaping.

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7. Easy Cleaning Cage Feature

As much as possible, look for a canary cage that will make cleaning easy.

It is either you choose one that has a slide-out tray that can be found at the bottom of the cage. Or, you may also consider a canary cage that has a detachable base for easy clean-up.

Also, look for cages that have floor grates at the bottom so the droppings of your canary bird will go through, lest you bird will be stomping around in its own droppings.

8. Furnishings

Although your canary bird will not demand too many toys from you, in fact, it will be contended with just one or two, but make sure that you choose a cage that has enough space for toys.

Some good examples of canary toys are swings, mirrors, balls, belle, sticks with leaves, and tightly wounded ropes.

9. Portability

There may be occasions when you have to move the cage from one location to another. It would be great then if you would pick one that can be easily assembled and dismantled.

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Plus, choose a cage that is lightweight so transferring it will not break your back.

10. Paint

Are you attracted to a bright and colorful canary cage? If yes, do not go beyond admiration by buying a painted cage.

Paints have toxic chemicals that are bad for your bird’s well-being. Birds have the tendency to grate the bars using their beaks. So, if the canary cage is painted, your bird can swallow some paint chips.


The sanctuary of your canary is a cage. This is why it is of utmost importance that you carefully select a cage that is safe and comfy for your bird to enjoy the gift of flight. If your bird is confined in a small and unexciting cage, it will not be encouraged to sing beautifully. Considering that reality, you will be on the right track if you keep in mind the tips we gave regarding choosing a canary cage easily.

  A Useful Guide to Keep a Pet Canary in Your House

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