Where Do Parrots Live? – The Habits of Parrots

There are roughly 300 different species of parrots in the wild. Some of these wild parrots are comfortable living in the Southern Hemispheres where the temperature is warmer.

However, there are few parrot species that love the cold weather of the alpine regions.

Where do Parrots Live The Habits of Parrots

In the wild, these colorful birds prefer to live in flocks and fly many miles each day. They spend long hours hunting for food, bathing, preening, setting-up nesting territories, and raising their young.

Distribution of Parrots

In the wild, parrots live in the areas of the South and Central America countries (Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia), they are also found in Mexico, India, Africa, South Asia,  and Southeast Asian countries.

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But a majority of the parrots are found in Australia and its nearby islands.

Habitat of Parrots

Parrots in the wild live in different types of habitat, but a majority of them live in tropical and subtropical regions.

The different types of habitats where wild parrots are found include rainforest, palm forest, woodlands, savannas, desert edges, grasslands, and scrubland. Very few species of parrots are also found in snowy climates of New Zealand.

Examples of Parrots Species Live in the Wild

  • Cockatiel: This parrot species is native to Australia and it prefers to live in inland areas where there is a freshwater source. It is not attracted to habitats like dense forest, instead, it prefers habitats like savannas and open woodlands.
  • Grey Parrot: This parrot is native to the West and Central Africa. In the wild, they inhabit coastal mangroves, savannas, woodlands, and edges of forests.
  • Kea: This is a large parrot species found in the South Island of New Zealand. The preferred habitats include alpine regions (areas found in high mountains-beyond those areas where trees grow), coastal forests, and lowland river valleys. This is the only parrot species that survive cold temperatures.
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Interesting Habits of Parrots:

1. Parrots have a lifelong bond with a single partner.

If there is one creature in the world that knows the meaning of loyalty, that is a parrot. In the wild, parrots form a close bond with one partner.

During the courtship period, a male parrot will parade itself, and make different kinds of sound and expression as forms of flirting. For the rest of their lives, the lovers will practically do everything together such as searching for food, grooming, and care for their young.

2. Parrots can eat using their feet

Similar to all birds, parrots have four toes on each foot (zygodactyl feet). Parrots have very strong feet that able them to cling and hang upside down to tree branches for a long period of time. Therefore, they can even get objects and even pick up food to bring to their mouths using their feet.

They prefer to use one foot over the other-a parrot may either be left-footed or right-footed.

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3. Preening

Preening is a parrot’s way to keep its feathers looking clean, waterproof, and in excellent flying condition. In addition, That is a way for parrots to be attractive and find a ‘soulmate’.

A parrot that is preening itself may look ‘troubled’, but that it is getting rid of dirt particles and removing powder down plumes. This habit is usually done after meals.


Above all, parrots are widely distributed around the globe. However, the common denominator is their choice of habitat which is more often than not, a warm temperature. There are only very few that prefer colder temperatures in the wild.

where do parrots live? The original habitat of parrots.

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