Why Cat Grooming Services Are Essential for Grooming Cat?

Cats have the capacity to make themselves clean. As a matter of fact, they do not like getting dirty. This is the reason why you see cats lick themselves and each other for long hours. But let me shed some light on this unique cat grooming behavior.

Cat Grooming, why do cats groom each other, cat grooming services, cat grooming prices

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other?

Cats groom each other for a variety of reasons. This is done by licking each other and the term we often used for this feline behavior is allogrooming.

  • It is a sign of affection. Only those with a close bond groom each other, like for example, siblings. But, in case your cat licks you, it means that he treats you as “part of the group”.
  • To foster stronger bonds. When cats groom each other, they leave a certain smell unique to them. This makes it easier for them to locate each other’s whereabouts, including you.
  • To make itself clean. But, it cannot clean its entire self on its own. There are body parts that a cat cannot reach such as its neck. Cats need someone else’s tongue and teeth to satisfy their obsessive behavior of cleanliness.
  • It is a result of maternal instinct. If a cat feels that someone from the group needs a ‘comforting hug’, licking is a way to pacify a stressed feline group mate.
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But, even if they can pretty much take care of themselves, that should not stop cat owners like you from bringing your cat to a professional cat grooming salon. There is nothing like getting a good kind of clean from a professional cat groomer that has been trained to use grooming tools to remove mats, trim the hair, among others.

Reasons to Avail Cat Grooming Services:

  • Cats are not immune to skin allergies. By availing of professional cat grooming services, a holistic approach will be done in order to wash off all the allergens like pollen from your cat’s fur. That’s not all, they will perform a thorough ear cleaning to be sure that there are no traces of allergens and bacteria lurking behind your cat’s ears.
  • They make it a point to make your cat superbly clean. Yes, we know that you can groom your cat at home, but they do it differently. Professional cat groomers have the knowledge on how to properly improve the hygiene of your cat-from head to claws!
  • They own a complete set of grooming tools as they can use these tools to trim your cat’s fur and nails to make them look sassy.
  • They can detect early signs of health issues as they know if a lump is dangerous or not and they know if a skin problem needs veterinary care or not. In other words, they do not just make your cat clean and look superbly good, but they also make it a point to look for possible signs of illness.
  • To prevent flea infestations. If you take your cat to them for a cat grooming session, they make an extra effort to inspect your cat’s skin thoroughly. This is the best way to prevent a flea infestation in your cat which can also have an effect on your health.
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Now that you are already aware of the importance of taking your cat to a professional cat grooming salon, help you transform your kitty to a plain-looking Jane to a fab-looking kitty.

Different Kinds of Cat Grooming Services

Cat Grooming, why do cats groom each other, cat grooming services, cat grooming prices

1. Cat Bathing

Although cats do not need bathing as often as dogs do, in some cases, your cat may have to be bathed by a professional groomer. For instance, your cat got in contact with something sticky and slimy.

There are some cats that can get stressed when bathed. This is when professional groomers come into the picture. They know how to handle stressed cats without causing them additional discomforts.

2. Hair Trimming

The long-haired cats (e.g. Persian cat and Birman) require hair-trimming at least every six months. In most cases, even if you comb its fur regularly, still, their furs get matted and can be quite a challenge to untangle by yourself.

Taking your pet to a cat grooming salon can detect early signs of matting before the issue gets difficult to manage.

Of course, not to forget that these days, long-haired cats can be styled to look fab. Cat hairstyles like a “lion’s cut” can be done without causing harm and trauma if you will avail of cat grooming services.

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3. Trimming of Claws

It can be difficult to cut the claws of your cat. You have to know how to hold your cat properly so you can see its claws clearly to avoid these from bleeding.

If done incorrectly, not only will you cause a tremendous amount of stress to your cat but you can be scratched or worse, get bitten by your cat.

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you take your cat to a cat grooming salon that can safely cut and file the claws of your cat.

4. Ear Cleaning

Cats cannot lick the inside or their ears. Good thing there are professional cat groomers to save the day. This type of service removes wax build-up. At the same time,  the groomer can detect if there are ear infection issues and the presence of mites.

5. Full-Service Cat Grooming

Are you afraid to trim your cat’s claws? Do you have the tools and the knowledge on how to clean your cat’s ears well? Is your cat’s fur badly matted? These are some of the questions that a cat owner like you need to figure out if it is time to let your cat enjoy the benefits of full service of cat grooming.

The package includes all the works from ear-cleaning to skin inspection to bathing. Your cat will come out refreshed, relaxed, and absolutely clean.

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Cat Grooming, why do cats groom each other, cat grooming services, cat grooming prices

What Are The Cat Grooming Prices in 2020?

Depending on which state you are located, cat grooming prices vary. But, generally, to give you an idea regarding the cost, here is a price list of cat grooming services:

The price range could be between $30.00 and $70.00. Some cat grooming salon offers a full-package that includes bathing, fur and claw trimming, and ear cleaning.

While some cat grooming salon offers the basic bathing service only, it is up to you what other cat grooming services that you want to avail of. In short, it can be customized based on your cat’s current grooming requirement.

In case your cat has fleas, it may apply additional charges.

The length of your cat’s hair is another factor that has an effect on cat grooming prices. Cats with long hairs are more difficult to groom, thus, it fetches a higher price. In addition, if your cat is aggressive or difficult to manage, the groomer may ask for a higher price.

Here is an example of how much you will shell-out if you take your kitty to a cat grooming salon:

1. Orange County, CA:

  • $35.00 for short-haired cats
  • $45.00 for medium-haired cats
  • $55.00 for long-haired cats
  • $25.00 for kittens

2. Florida:

$30.00 for a full grooming package that includes bathing, claw trimming, ear cleaning, massage. But the package does not include fur trimming. If your cat needs some trimming, the cat grooming prices in Florida are between $45.00 and $95.00.

3. Texas:

$50.00 for a package that includes claw trimming, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, fur shaving/styling.

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Cat Grooming Prices in Other Countries

The more add-ons you avail of, the higher the price gets. Cat basic grooming includes bathing, ears, and eye cleaning, cutting, and filing of nails, shaving of certain areas like the belly, paws, and sanitary portions.

But, if you will add the services of de-shedding and hair trimming, it will apply an additional cost.

4. Australia:

  • Between $45.00 and $170.00

5. Singapore:

  • Between $90.00 and $120.00


Being a cat owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your cat is in tip-top shape. One of the ways that you can do that is to take your cat to a cat grooming salon. It is not just about vanity but it is also about its health. Clean ears, properly trimmed claws, clean and shiny furs are just some of the signs of a healthy cat.

We understand your apprehension about taking your cat to a day in the salon. Cats can be anxious and frightened especially when faced with bathing and grooming tools. This is why looking for a competent and professional cat groomer must be done with care.

Finding the right fit does not happen overnight but once you have found the cat grooming services salon that would appease the anxiety of your cat ( and also yours), then that could be the start of a pleasant relationship that can make your cat be at its very best all the time.

A cat can pretty much take care of themselves, but it should not stop a cat owner like you from taking your pet cats to a cat grooming salon for grooming cats in professional way.

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