Why Does My Cat Pee on My Clothes and Bed?

We know how much you consider your cat as a family member. You love it too much that you do not mind sharing your bed with him/her. The problem begins when your fur baby ‘misbehaves’ and pees on your bed. It’s perfectly okay to feel baffled and maybe mad, especially if you are totally clueless as to why does your cat pee on your clothes and bed.

To help you get to know your kitty on a deeper level, our aim in this blog is to make you understand this cat peeing behavior and if there are things that you can do to prevent it from urinating on your bed and clothes again. Let’s start at…

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Clothes

Olfactory Communication

Allow us to begin by telling you that animals, including your cat, communicate with each other through various means. One of those is called olfactory communication. By this, it means that a smell can tell a thousand words.

Scent can be likened to a cat’s calling card, hence, it is an important communication tool. It provides information about other cats and their environment.

If you are wondering why does a cat pee on your clothes, it is because it wants to tell you something. It leaves a mark on your stuff so you can ‘hear’ what it is trying to tell you.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing on My Clothes and Bed?

Urine spraying or marking is a form of territorial marking for cats, especially among male cats. There are two (2) forms of urine marking and it could either be that your cat sprays its urine on vertical surfaces or it urinates on horizontal grounds. Whichever way, here are the answers to your question.

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We divided the causes into two categories so you can ‘hear’ your fur baby loud and clear.

1. The Behavioral Causes

  • Your cat pees on your clothes and bed out of jealousy:

Did you just bring home a new pet (could be a new cat or a dog)? Do you have a new family member in the house?

You may not know it but your cat is a very possessive little fellow. Someone new to its inner circle will cause your cat to urinate on your clothing, beddings, and your other kinds of stuff as its way of marking its territory. It is your fur baby’s way of telling the new kid on the block to back-off because this part belongs to me!

  • Your cat pees because of stress and anxiety:

It is not uncommon to see cats who are under stress pee on its owner’s clothes and beddings. Cats are creatures of habit, so even a slight change in its routine or its environment can be very stressful. Unfortunately, one of the ways that it knows how to relieve stress is through territorial marking.

So, if you see your cat peed on your clothes and bed right in front of you, what it is trying to say to you is ‘I am feeling so stressed right now’.

What about separation anxiety? If your cat pees on your clothes, bed, and other soft materials while you are gone, it is your cat’s way of saying that it is not happy being left alone all by itself.

  • Your cat pees on your clothes and bed as a form of defense mechanism:

Your fur baby easily gets intimidated by the unknown, especially of people. Say, you invited some people over to your home and your cat is not yet familiar with them, it is quite common to see a scared cat reaction, right? You hear it hiss and growls, you see fur puffing and back arching.

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Aside from those reactions, you may also see your cat pee on your things as a form of defense mechanism. It is your cat’s way of protecting itself from the unknown by peeing outside of its litter box. Short of saying, ‘I am afraid of something that is why I peed on your clothes and bed’.

  • It is unhappy with its litter box:

Why does a cat keep peeing on your stuff? Your cat may be telling you that you have to change or transfer the location of its litter box. Maybe it is not happy about the location of its litter box, so relocate it to a less traffic area. Or, it is also possible that it wants you to change the type of litter that you are using, maybe the litter is unclean?

Cats are OC, so they do not like using a dirty litter box. So, if you have an indoor cat, it may be looking for a new place to pee since its litter box is dirty or maybe there is an obstruction to it. And, if it is time for a bathroom break, guess what place it would think of to relieve itself? You guessed it right, your clothes, beddings, carpet, and other soft materials in your home.

What about a shared litter box, does it cause your cat to pee on your things? Yes, this is because of an authority issue. If you have more than one (1) cat, the dominant cat will scare away the other cats. Thus, they have no choice but to pee outside of the litter box. Unfortunately, they prefer to pee on soft things such as clothes.

  • Your cat pees on your clothes and bed because she is in the heat:

A female cat that is looking for a boyfriend will pee on your things to get the attention of the male cats around. She is signaling the males that she is ready for a big date through the scent in her urine.

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Why Does My Cat Pee on My Clothes

2. The Medical Causes

There are cat illnesses that can cause your fur baby to suddenly pee on your things. If you cannot figure out why does a cat pee on your clothes and bed, it is best to have it examined by a vet to rule out any possible medical conditions such as the following:

  • Urinary tract infection:

Why do cats randomly pee on stuff? UTI could be the problem as this infection is quite common among cats, regardless of age and sex. If your cat is infected, you would see changes in its peeing pattern. There would be a significant increase in the number of times it would pee in a day.

The other symptoms of UTI are crying while urinating, frequent but small amounts of urine, and blood in its urine.

  • Kidney disease:

Elderly cats are more prone to suffer from kidney disease and kidney failure. However, age is not only the determining factor as kidney problems may also be the result of feline leukemia. The other signs you need to watch out for apart from peeing on your clothes and bed are weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite, and unwillingness to drink.

  • Feline diabetes

If you are still baffled with why does a cat pee on your clothes and bed, then one possible reason is diabetes. One of the symptoms is increased urination outside of its litter box.

Based on the causes we have outlined above, we know that it can be pretty tricky to point the real cause as to why your cat suddenly pees on your clothes and bed. Consulting a vet goes a long way in terms of ruling out the possibility that the cause is due to an illness.

If urinating is outside of its litter box is due to any of the behavioral reasons, here are some of the things that you can do to stop this cat peeing behavior.

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How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Peeing on My Bed and Clothes?

  • If you are sure that the issue is jealousy, you can do something so your cat won’t feel unhappy and neglected. The best way to reduce jealousy is by spending long hours with that jealous cat. Get cat toys that will allow you to interact with him/her like a feather wand. If your cat is jealous of another pet or perhaps a baby, you have to teach it how to accept and live with the new addition to your family. Here is where you can use rewards. For example, each time your cat is near the object of jealousy, reward it with treats and acts of love like stroking and cuddling to lessen its insecurities.
  • It can be pretty challenging if the reason is stress or anxiety. Good if you identify the stressor (new furniture or new pet) right away but what if you don’t. If it is already a case of long-term stress, a vet can help you and your fur baby deal with the peeing problem. It could either be prescribed medication or a shift to therapeutic cat food.
  • Has it crossed your mind to have your male cat neutered? This is one of the best ways to stop him from engaging in territorial behaviors like peeing on your clothes and bed as a form of marking its territory.

How to Correct the Litter Box Issues?

  • You probably prefer to buy a certain brand of litter but the question is if the one who uses it actually likes it. For all you know, the reason why your fur baby prefers not to urinate in its litter box is that the litter is uncomfortable. To find out, purchase two (2) brands and perform a litter test. The first one being the softer one while the second is the rough type of litter. See which one appeals to your fur baby. Hopefully, this litter test will stop your cat from peeing on your clothes and bed.
  • Have you checked the litter box lately? Maybe there is a cover that restricts its movements while urinating. Is the litter box too small or too big for your cat? This is especially true if you have an arthritic cat that makes jumping in and out of the litter box painful.
  • No sharing of the litter box. Though your cats may get along just fine, it does not mean that they want to have a common bathroom. Be sure that each of your cats has its own litter box to eliminate the problem of urinating on your things.
  • Keep the litter box immaculately clean. Some cats are too obsessed with cleanliness and if yours belongs to that category, then be ready to clean its litter box more frequently.
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My Cat Peed on My Bed, How Do I Clean It?

Of course, it is costly to change the mattress. The trick here is to eliminate the urine odor the best way you could. Scrub the spoiled portion with soapy water and let dry. Then sprinkle a handful of baking soda and let it stay there for a few days to eliminate odor before vacuuming. No worries because baking soda won’t harm your sleep pattern.

What if your cat peed on your clothes? Wash it right away but add two cups of baking soda and then set your washer to the soak mode to remove the strong and pungent smell of cat’s urine.


After reading this, now you know the possible causes of why does a cat pee on your clothes. However, with your proper care and the help of a vet, you will have your fur baby on the mend. Hopefully, your cat won’t pee on your clothes and bed again.

We will discover cat tips and tricks to prevent a cat keep peeing on your stuff

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